Application process

Every year, we take very much time to select 25 students out of 40-60 applicants and give them a chance to pursue a Master's at our department. We invite every contemplable applicant to a 90 minute background interview in which we do not solely examine your aptitude, but also give you a personal impression about your future program and our University of Applied Science. By doing so, we avoid false expectations at the earliest stage possible. Also note, that over 50% of our Master students come from other universities. In consequence of our small groups, we are able to provide interactive courses very close to seminars – outside our courses, we provide a very individual and uncomplicated supervision.

We select our Master students very carefully – only applicants we are completely sure to finish the program are admitted. This is our first step to ensure an ideal education.

Stages of the selection process:

  • You have reached a final grade of 2.5 or above. This is a hard criteria, if you have not achieved this grade, you are automatically excluded from the application process.
  • Depending on your information (grade, date of graduation, skills) we will invite you to a 90 minute interview in which we will examine your knowledge, experiences and interests.
  • After completing all interiews, we create a ranking of all comtemplable applicants.
  • The first 25 applicants will receive a place at our Department of Computer Science.

Waiting semesters do not have any influence on our selection process. See the exact regulations in our  selection constitution.