The standard period of study covers three semesters

The first two semesters contains courses, the third the writing of your Master theses. Since the contents of the course semesters are not batched, the program can be smoothly started in summer or winter.

The program equally conveys technical and non-technical content 

The courses of winter semester convey expert knowledge in the fields of applied and theoretical Computer Science - students may choose between a broad range of elective courses. Besides, a broad spectrum of key competencies is included in our program, e.g. conflict management, team development, forensics and didactics, in the form of several workshops.

In summer semester, you will dedicate yourself to your route of specialization

SE conveys in-depth knowledge about structure and development of large-scale information systems in the form of two modules each 8 hours per week. You will delve into modern software architecture, component technologies, administration processes of big development projects as well as methods of quality management. Your skills in these areas will be deepened by working on your own software development project in groups of four. The requirements are set very closely to coporative reality through externs from companies functioning as customers. Focus of the project is rather the application of earlier apprehended methods and procedures than the final product. It is enframed by special courses and a seminar dedicated to recent trends in software engineering.

MI capture a great spectrum of topics, e.g. modeling, simulation, state-of-the-art biometric processes, information management and the various special aspects of quality management in medical informatic. Furthermore, MI provides  lectures and a seminar about highly specialized medical topics as well as recent trends in medical informatics.

The conclusive Master thesis is mostly written at German companies and research institutions - in Germany or overseas. Many students of the first years were offered jobs during their studies, partially including the chance to pursue a doctorate.

A part-time study is feasible, many students have successfully traveled this road, while the time of study usually is redoubled. 

A distance study is not feasible, because seminars, group discussions, projects and our general approach to education requires your attendance.