Frequently asked questions

May I apply for the Master program with my degree in ...?

Our selection constitution requires a Bachelor's or an equivalent degree in Computer Science or in a related subject, like Physics and Mathematics- with at least good grades. This scope is set by design and thusly not only addressing graduates in Computer Science – however we assume appropriate knowledge in computer science, acquired in your academic or your professional life. We will examine these in the application interviews.

My Bachelor program only contains 180 ECTS points – may I apply for the Master program?

Our Master program contains over 3 semester and includes 90 credit points. If you lack 30 credit points, you may assign several Bachelor or Master courses or a probably missing practical semester. We determine which courses would be most useful in the application interviews.

May I apply with my degree from a university of cooperative education?

Generally: Yes. The same rules will apply for applicants from a university of cooperative education - we already admitted several students from this type of university. Where do I find application forms? Please see our online application.

Where may I find application forms? Where and how may I apply?

You may apply online here

May I apply although I cannot present a certificate yet?

You do not need your final documents to state that you have finished your study program. A preliminary certificate, which can be obtained within 2-3 days from your examination office, is sufficient for your applcation. If you lack any grades, please add a realistic estimate (+/- 0,2) of your final grade.

When do I receive notification if I am admitted?

We decide about admission/rejection as soon as possible. So, the selection process starts as the application process finishes – and ends within two to four weeks. Every applicant will be informally informed until the middle of August/February, if possible earlier.

Is a part-time or distance study feasible?

We do not provide with an model for distance learning – but you can finish the program within six semesters (maximum eight) instead of three going for our part time program. Concerning your job, we recommend you to cut working hours to 60 to 80 % during the semester, although the actual solution depends of couse on you and your employer. Our expectation is that you take 50% of your time for the study. Only few courses have compulsory attendance (seminars, workshops, block courses), for the rest of our courses only some days are, e.g. when intermediate results of a project shall be presented. Every year, at least one of our students studies part-time.

Can courses of my former degree be acknowledged for the Master program?

Generally, we do not accept any courses of Bachelor programs, but of other Master programs or equivalent- typically from the seventh or eighth semester. Courses of your former degree may count for our Master program if they are considered no less than of equal value to their corresponding courses. This rule accomodates for the fact that in the German pre-Bologna degree system ("Diplomstudiengänge") were designed to last for two or three semesters longer than a regular Bachelor program, the rule especially targets these cases. The technical decision falls in the area of competence oft he respective professor or lecturer. If a course is acknowledged, the concerning grade is transferred into your certificate.

What is the language of instruction?

Almost all of the courses will be taught in German language; depending on the respective topics literature will be in English or in German.
But please consider: we expect our students to actively participate in (German) discussions during the lectures. This is one of the reasons why we hold a personal interview before accepting somebody: to check the German skills independent of whatever language courses/certificates.